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I’m happy you’re here. My name is Sara,  I’m a recipe creator and cookbook author based in Brussels. I started this blog in 2016 and step by step developed it with delicious recipes.


I am passionate about food and I always looking for new ingredients and dishes that I can try. I love to prepare dishes from seasonal and local ingredients with Persian & middle-Eastern flavors. I also love photographing food and I hope my photos inspire you.

I have to admit that I’m totally obsessed with food. I daydream about new flavors and recipes. I devour cookbooks. I read up on food and nutrition. 


Above all, I love eating food.

Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy!




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     I organize online and physical cooking classes for those of you who are interested in my recipes.  Please, subscribe or book your place for the next one if you are interested.  


    My cookbook "du Safran & des roses" is published and you can buy it online. It's a Persian flavor cookbook with traditional and twisted recipes.  

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    "TOOP" is a traditional Persian snack that is vegan, gluten-free & raw. It's handmade and fresh.  

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    You can find plenty of Persian-flavored recipes on my blog and on my Instagram page.  

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