The perfect Christmas table decoration is way more difficult to put through than you have thought. A good table decoration must go with your theme, your home color decoration and every decorative item used must complement each other. It needs to be dreamy but elegance.  In case you need some homemade Christmas table decoration ideas, you’re in the right place. Below you can see the initials accessories which makes your table flawless. 

I found everything that i needed at Maison Du Monde. I think you can find beautiful objects with reasonable prices at this store.  I start with napkins and a DYI decoration. Always go for natural color accessories, because you can combine colors easily. Peopel always say that they don't know how to choose and match different objects. It's easy! You choose your theme, forexample Christmas, then you to pick your objects from the things you see around yourself for this occasion. I have chosen these green leaves from christmas tree and cinnamon from Christmas desserts. 

Then it's about the glasses. But why is it imporatnt? 


Wine & champagne glasses really can make a big difference in how wine or champagne taste. But how we can choose the right glasses?

Color: Proper tasting of wine begins with carefully looking at wine to understand its color, clarity.
Materials: Experience has shown over and over that higher quality glasses can have a big impact on how the wine and champagne taste.
Thickness: The thinner the glass, the less you'll have between you and your wine.
Shapes: Different wines and champagnes require different sorts of glasses to best appreciate its flavor.


You can even use candles and again simple decoration ideas that you have already chosen for your napkins for the center of the table. You can always choose different candle sizes for your table. Your table will be dreamy and shiny while you're lightening . Add some fresh leaves, cinnamon or flowers. It's simply beautiful and classy. 



Chair and Table!

I always love to buy unique pieces for my home. However, these unique pieces are usually expensive. So, I found a solution to combine stylish, unique home decors with different prices. Maison du monde is a great place to find stylish home decor objects with amazing prices. Look at these dark green velvet chairs. Those are gorgeous. Try to pick a color that you like and then choose your table decoration theme based on that. 


How to set the dinner table?

 The first question you need to ask yourself is; do you need a formal or informal setting?
The style can make a huge difference in your table setting, lunch and dinner are different as well. 

For a formal dinner setting as we do for a Christmas table you can use this guide:

White ( champagne) and red wine glasses along with the water glasses are positioned to the left of the coffee cup.
The beverage, soup and/or dessert spoons are to the right of the knife or can be brought to the table when soup or dessert is served.
To dress it up more, place a charger under the dinner plate.