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On this page, I would like to share some interesting foodie news with you guys. I like to read about the new things when I have some free time, especially about foods.  There are plenty of magazines out there that talking about my favorite topic, I will collect the best articles for you on this foodie news page. Hope you like it.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

November 06, 2018

Lemon water is claimed to have powerful health and weight loss benefits.

In fact, many celebrities swear by it and there are even diets based entirely on lemons.

But does it live up to the hype?

This article uses scientific evidence to explore the benefits and myths of lemon water.

Health Benefits of Oregano

November 30, 2018

Oregano is considered a staple herb in many cuisines around the world.

It has a strong flavor and brings warmth to dishes, along with a hint of subtle sweetness.

It can be found fresh, dried or as an oil, and all are said to have significant health benefits.

Though typically used in small amounts, oregano packs in some important nutrients. Just one teaspoon of dried oregano can fulfill about 8% of your daily vitamin K needs (1).

From helping fight bacteria to reducing inflammation, studies have unearthed some of its impressive potential benefits.

A Healthy Diet May Improve Your Sleep

October 01, 2018

A diet low in fiber and high in saturated fat and sugar has been linked with worse sleep quality in a new study. Could changing what you eat help you get a better night's rest?

Experts already know that not getting enough shut-eye can affect your food choices and how you eat. Getting enough Zzz's can help you lose weight, though. When you're sleep deprived, the opposite happens and you may find yourself putting on the pounds.

Researchers from the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University Medical Center in New York further studied how dietary patterns affect our rest.

The health benefits of quinoa

September 02, 2018

A complete protein and fantastic wheat-free alternative, the demand for quinoa has risen sharply in recent years. Nutritionist Jo Lewin shares recipes, cooking tips and the nutritional highlights of this fashionable grain-like crop...

How much vitamin D should I take?

August 30, 2018

There's considerable controversy as to whether most people should take a vitamin D supplement at all. Most of the vitamin D in our bodies is made by our skin, when it is exposed to sunlight. In contrast to most other vitamins, we don't get much vitamin D in our diet. Authorities recommend, however, that children from age 1, and adults through age 70, take 600 international units (IU) daily, and that adults 71 years and older take 800 IU daily. People with, or at risk for, certain bone diseases need to take more than this amount. There's general agreement that doses above 4,000 IU daily can be toxic to adults, with lower doses toxic to kids.

The truth about fats: the good, the bad, and the in-between

August 21, 2018

Why are trans fats bad for you, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats good for you, and saturated fats somewhere in-between? For years, fat was a four-letter word. We were urged to banish it from our diets whenever possible. We switched to low-fat foods. But the shift didn't make us healthier, probably because we cut back on healthy fats as well as harmful ones.

Foods You Should Eat Instead of Taking VitaminsFoods You Should Eat Instead of Taking Vitamins

June 05, 2018

Kale may be a less obvious choice, but it’s a high source of calcium that’s needed for strong bones and teeth as well as muscle movement and nerve function. Just one serving of kale has 150 mg of calcium which is slightly over 10% of the recommended daily amount. Other sources of calcium are dairy products like yogurt, as well as other foods like broccoli and chia seeds.

The 11 BEST Foods to Eat When You're Stressed Out

June 08, 2018

You already know that emotional eating won't make your problems magically disappear, but it can also do a number on your waistline—if you load on unhealthy food, that is. Here are 11 foods you can nosh on when you're feeling down from Columbia University psychiatrist Drew Ramsey, M.D., author of The Happiness Diet and Fifty Shades of Kale. Just be sure to keep your portion sizes in check so you don't consume too many calories.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Honey
A hot, hearty bowl of oats delivers that yummy carb-y experience and bumps up your feel-good hormone serotonin. And because it’s also packed with slow-to-digest fiber, it won’t cause an inconsistent spike in blood sugar levels like some other foods do. Add cinnamon (shown to ease frustration) and a teaspoon of honey (satisfies a sweet tooth and boosts immunity). Opt for the cleanest oatmeal option you can buy.

How does diet affect the skin?

June 01, 2018

One thing that can affect your skin is diet. Certain foods raise your blood sugar more quickly than others. When your blood sugar rises quickly, it causes the body to release a hormone called insulin. Having excess insulin in your blood can cause your oil glands to produce more oil, increasing your risks of acne.

Some foods that trigger spikes in insulin include:

  • pasta

  • white rice

  • white bread

  • sugar

10 Healthy Foods That Boost Energy

June 04, 2018

When your energy is low, you might instinctively reach for a cup of coffee or a handful of candy to provide a quick boost. The desire to reach for caffeine, chips, or cookies when we want a pick-me-up is understandable. But too much caffeine can deliver the opposite of a jolt. And quickly digesting carbohydrates, such as sweet beverages, white bagels, pretzels, and candy — which give a quick hit of pleasure because they boost serotonin, the brain chemical that helps regulate mood — will cause your blood sugar to spike and give you a short-lived high that ends in a crash.

In honour of National Tea Day, the secrets of the perfect brew

April 21, 2018

The British are a nation of tea lovers - there's even a National Tea Day on April 21, and a Fes-Tea-Val taking place at Chiswick House this weekend - but on one great question, we stand divided: how do you brew the perfect cup of tea?

Does the milk come first or last? How long should the teabag stay in - and should you give it squeeze when removing it? Is sugar necessary? Of course, everyone has their personal preference, but the debate rages on. 

You want to make good cocktails at home. Here’s what you need to get started.

February 27, 2018

Rachel Duggins got interested in cocktails early, from watching old movies in which the glamorous witty women and debonair men always seemed to have a drink in hand. When she was little, her family visited the iconic Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul; Duggins was transfixed by the beautiful bar there. She asked her mother if she could get a drink, and her mother agreed, with rules on what she could order. So Duggins climbed up and politely asked for a Shirley Temple, with extra cherries.

Vegan Diets Become More Popular, More Mainstream

February 27, 2018

You've come a long way, vegan.

Once mocked as a fringe diet for sandal-wearing health food store workers, veganism is moving from marginal to mainstream in the United States.

The vegan "Skinny Bitch" diet books are best-sellers, vegan staples like tempeh and tofu can be purchased at just about any supermarket, and some chain restaurants eagerly promote their plant-only menu items. Today's vegans are urban hipsters, suburban moms, college students, even professional athletes.

How to choose a good wine?!

September 04, 2017

How to Pick Wine *Not* Based on the Pretty Label


We're not really sure when the transition from drink-all-the-vodka-sodas-you-can-muster to we-should-probably-just-order-a-bottle happens, but it does. But when it does, unless you're like Hallie from The Parent Trap who grew up around vintages and varietals, you're left kind of fumbling around, swirling whatever you ordered at the restaurant in the glass and smelling it in an attempt to seem like you know what the hell you're doing. Even worse? The wine store, where all wine knowledge goes out the window in favor of a bright bottle with some cool calligraphy on its label. (That means it's fancy, right?).....

How to Have a Better Meal at Work?!

September 05, 2017

How to Have a Better Meal at Work??!


Weekday lunches can be pretty bleak: limp salad, mushy sandwiches, take-out soup served so tongue-scaldingly hot you can’t even taste how truly mediocre it is. And of course, most of us are choking down these overpriced excuses for meals basked in the sterile glow of our office computer screens just in an effort to save time......

The Top 10 Reasons to Go Dairy Free

September 06, 2017

Dairy-Free Benefits: The Top 10 Reasons to Go Dairy Free...


I’m not one to preach, but often receive the question “Why dairy free?” For me, it started as an infant milk allergy that evolved into a different type of allergic reaction. But there are many different reasons to explore the benefits of a dairy-free diet, which is why So Delicious is heading into their second year of the 21-Day Dairy-Free Challenge...

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