Meditation by the Sea

What is Hypnosis?


Have you ever heard about hypnosis? Do you think someone will make you
feel sleep and unconscious like in the movies?
While definitions can vary, the American Psychological Association describes hypnosis as a cooperative interaction in which the participant responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

Hypnosis has become well-known thanks to popular acts where people are prompted to performs unusual or ridiculous actions, but it has also been clinically proven to provide medical and therapeutic benefits, most notably in the reduction of pain and anxiety. It has even been suggested that hypnosis can help people to quite smoking, improve eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Sometimes people eat emotionally because they are stressed or because they are tired, sad or even they are happy. Hypnosis can help us unconsciously to improve our bad habits and improve our health. The experience of a hypnotic trance not so unusual or strange. I think As you enter hypnosis, you actually disconnect your mind from the body and surroundings.

In this page, I will share my experience during this hypnotherapy with Christine De Bouvère. You can check her website to know more about her work. 


The First Session

 I went to Christine's office in Châtelain. It was a calm and beautiful place. It smells so good which was relaxing too. Christine explained to me how hypnosis works on our unconscious mind. At first, I have to see her every week for almost a month and each session will be around forty-five minutes to one hour. I was sitting on a chair and closed my eyes, she told me to put my feet on the floor and knocked my knees, put my hands on my legs and try to be in a comfortable position. She started to talk with relaxation music which I have heard in the background. While she was hypnosis me, I could have heard all the noises around but I was so calm that I couldn't pay attention more. I was imagining the things that she was talking about and sometimes, I was traveling in time to when I was a child. I was remembering myself when I was 6 years old and then I came back to what she was telling me. I was imagining everything very well and I felt so relaxed that I couldn't even open my eyes but I wasn't sleeping. I think I was in feeling something between my conscious and my dream when I am sleeping. The most interesting point happened when she said; you can open your eyes and I was getting out of that comfort feeling quickly. I will study about hypnosis this week a lot and I will share my researches with you guys. By the way, she recorded her voice for me and I need to listen to it once a day, it is not an obligation but it can help me better during this therapy. 

During the week: I don't know if listening to the record helped me to avoid eating more than I needed or I was so conscious of my behavior. 9I went to Paris for the weekend and I went to restaurants but I tried to eat less. I have to find out if I am controlling myself continuously or it is my conscious mind. 


The Second Session


Today, was my second session to try this therapy. I was talking to Christine about my week and I told her that I can not compromise between my conscious mind and conscious. I don't know my self-control comes from a deeper part of me or it was just my self-control. 
For this session, Christine asked me to buy something that I really like to eat and take it with myself. I bought a chocolate bar but a dark one, not a milky one. She explained to me that this session includes two hypnosis session. She asked me to look at the box of the chocolate carefully, open the box and look at the wrapping, hearing the noise during opening it and smell it. For the very first time, I was smelling the cholate rather than eating it quickly. Actually, it smells good. She asked me to touch it with my lips and then take a bite, but the bite of chocolate this time was different. I had to turn the chocolate around my mouth and felt it with different taste sensations and then eat it and then I was lying on a bed and she started hypnosis. She was talking to me about the experience I had during opening the chocolate bar until I ate it. 
After five minutes, she asked me to open my eyes and she told me we are doing the second part of the hypnosis session. I was closing my eyes again and she was talking about an image, a place that I like to be there. She was talking about the right hand and left hand and putting all the goods on one of them and all the bads on the other. 
The most interesting parts happened at this point, I was imagining myself in a situation that I am dreaming about, with any success that I have achieved and I was even seeing myself in a dress that I want to wear with a perfect boy shape. I was never imagining myself in that point and for the first time, it happened.
When the session is finished, I opened my eyes and she asked me about how do I feel and I was explaining her about my imagination. 
I was explaining here about my weekend trip to the mountains and I told her that I am afraid to eat not properly and when I don't eat properly, I feel like my whole day ruined and suddenly I start to eat more and more.
She was explaining to me that I have to allow myself to eat everything. Life is not about dieting, I have to let myself to eat everything but only tree time a day with my main meal. She believes that the body makes too much insulin if we eat more than three times a day and this is not good for us. So, this week I have to put away the fear, I have to work on myself and on my mindset by listening to the record. I will let you know about my experience.

During the week: I went to the mountain this weekend and I told you before I was afraid of what I was going to eat there. Surprisingly, It went well. I have eaten my croissant in the morning but I didn't start to eat because I shouldn't. I was eating chocolate when I wanted but less than usual and again on Monday, everything went back to normal. I am very happy with this way. I still eat during the day as a snack but I try to do it less and less. 


The Third Session

It's been two weeks that I couldn't see Christine.  However, everything went well. Less guilt feeling for me which is a success. I have eaten my croissant and I did not ruin the rest of the day because of my bad feelings. I feel better and surprisingly I lost 2 kilos. I still listen to the voice records but not every night. I did it like four times a week before sleep. Still, Christine keeps telling me that the best time to listen to the voice is before dinner or after work. When usually I am tired and hungry.
This session, I was lying on Christine talked to me again. I was sick but since she started to talk, I felt calm and relax. It's like magic. How this meditation to my soul can make me aware of my conscious and my behavior. After twenty or twenty-five minutes, I opened my eyes and I explained to her how did I feel. 
She told me I can listen to any of the session's record that I prefer and I even can do it two times per day if I can. 
Although, I am struggling between a judgy point of view of eating. You may ask yourself how? Have you ever heard from your friend and family sentences like " You ate too much" or " you will gain weight if you continue eating like this" or "if I eat this plate, I feel guilty"? During this time I have understood that the part of this guilt comes from people who are around me and giving me a picture of being guilty while I am eating and I think this can be larger and cover all the other subjects like do not smoke or do not drink alcohol. 


At some point in your life, you realize that you have some unconscious behavior because of others judgment. I believe we all can work on it with hypnosis. 

During the week: I have to confess! it was not easy at all. Even something weird happened too. Usually, I have listened to the records and I felt good and I was keeping myself back on the track. However, these two weeks was so difficult because I wanted to eat more and I did not want to listen to the records because I knew if I listen, I won't eat what I want!!!!! That is the weirdest feeling that I have experienced! I know that these records help me and I know that I have to do it but I can't. I am impatient to meet Christine this week and talk about all of my feelings with her.





The Fourth Session

I was telling Christine about all of my conflicts and difficulties. She told me that mind always wants to return to the habits and if we let it we will return to the same previous point which can be a dark place for us. That is why we need to train it. This hypnosis can help us to train our unconscious mind and let it function in a way that we want not in a way that we used to. This session she was talking to me more about how I can deal with my feelings with my left side of the brain function and my right side. I need to practice it too during these days until the next session. 
I think what Christine tries to do is very effective because of all of us with our busy lives and tiredness and perfectionism mentality that society expects us, can be in a dark place sometimes. Some people react to these symptoms by stressing themselves and some people reacting by smoking, drinking or eating. We all need help and we all need to train our unconscious mind. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which leads you to be a better version of yourselves. 
Just try it and you will believe it!

During the week: I had a difficult time during the last few weeks. I was stressed and with all the work I did not have time to think about myself or even try for myself and as you know the easiest part was the comfort zone which took me to a place that I eat and eat. These exercises that Christine gave me helped me to focus on what I want and be strong. I was listening to the records every time I needed to. Sometimes once a day and sometimes two times. I need to be strong and follow these steps. I hope you can do the same and we all work together on our weaknesses.