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He was so poor he could not afford a single meal a day, let alone a coat to cover his nakedness. But, as history would have it, he was to get the great honour of being the first leader of the Naxalite movement, the movement whose legacy has spread across the land. In 1997, the then Congress government had taken advantage of the newly-elected Nepalese Constituent Assembly, and set up a committee to look into the demands of the Maoist movement. The committee had a majority of Nepali Congress members, but their report was not acceptable to the Maoists, whose political cadres had instigated the movement earlier. The movement had begun in the villages of Sarlahi District, the focus of which was a break in land rights with a man named Bashyam Manjhi. His movement became a big issue in the 1997 general election, and in 1999 the Nepali Congress won a huge mandate from the Maoist party. The party’s surprise success was built around the slogan of ending feudalism, which was to be achieved by nationalising the land. It was a pipe dream, as the much bigger landowners simply bought off the small farmers in their pockets, protected by the police and the army. And as the Maoists could not manage to oust the most powerful feudal families, many people became disillusioned. The government began to fear the Maoists were more trouble than they were worth. But the Maoists were not going to give up. Instead, they began to loot gold and diamonds from Nepal’s southern plains and smuggle it to the Indian border. They continued their struggle to overthrow the government, all the while receiving funds from Russia, China and Eastern Europe. India and Nepal watched this with fear and dismay, knowing that any kind of distraction could provide the Maoists with an opportunity to strike. In May 2001, Manjhi decided to deal with the police. He had no guns, no training, no knowledge of the area, and no support. He was not a trained commander either. However, he went to the village of Maheshpur and surrounded it from the hills. Three days later, he had control of the village, and he formed a committee to decide on the future course of action. He was making many mistakes, like holding the five policeman who tried to kill him, but he was also making many good decisions, such as allowing the village’s women to stay, and setting up



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