The best business lunch spot in Brussels

Les Petites Oignons

Italian beef tartare, available as either a main, was chewy yet tender with a surprisingly strong spicy kick and a modestly forceful hit of coriander. The parmesan flavor and italian olive oil added an extra layer of richness. This was a good steak tartare dish I have tasted in Brussels.

The dessert turned out to be a layered strawberries with fresh and moist cream, somewhat like creme fraiche,moderately nutty almond flavoured .

This place is one of my favorite places for Business lunch. The decoration is modern and the location is amazing during the work day.

Vieux saint martin

This, frankly, is delicious and I know it, which is why I finally went there and walked down there on a late Saturday evening. The idiocy thing is you can't reserve a table and you have to stand when it is crowded .The restaurant itself has been design and makes good use of its limited space, with a generous amount of room between its tables. The interior is generic, with splashes of colour provided by art on the walls. A real feeling of a Belgian brasserie. All the dishes in this brasserie are delicious and well decorate .

Les Brasseries Georges

Brasserie Georges is a French style characteristic brasserie in Brussels, you can eat more or less whatever you want, sea foods, steak and traditional Belgian dishes. The thing I like about this place about their fries, you can order your fries with different oil you like .The decoration is warm & charming . A place which deserve your visit. You can reserve a table , otherwise , it's so big and you will have a table without reservation also. During summer, the best terrace lunch that I can recommend.


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