A day in La Villa Lorrain

When one is on the everlasting quest for great food, one goes to great lengths to consummate the experience that bestows on us food euphoria on a higher plane. But in doing so, one may sometimes forget that there is excellence everywhere around us. La villa Lorrain is, quite simply, one of the best located restaurant in Brussels.

At some indefinite point during one of my nearly three-hour meals at the restaurant, I am explaining you the lunch menu we have expirenced.

Lobster ravioli with parmesan emulsion for the muse en bouche.

Allow me to describe it a little differently: The green paste is a bit sweet and silky. Pickled cress adds a gentle tang. And then the frog's leg start working their magic. the gentle taste of garlic & the razor calms makes it special.

Roasted veal with Jerusalem artichokes for the main course.

My favorite part is sesame tartlet with chocolate & caramel that is melting in your mouth .

For Mignardises , We have served with vanilla marshmallow with lemon peel , tartlet of chocolate and basil, violet & blackcurrant ball and small balls of chocolate with chartreuse.