Boutique Petrossian Bruxelles

If you would like to try a luxury experience of Caviar tasting you need to visit PETROSSIAN shop. Good caviar should have distinct eggs that separate when you roll them on the roof of your mouth," says Dimitri. "The owner of Belgium PETROSSIAN shop. The caviar should be shiny not oily.A fresh good caviar tastes less salty. Texture is all about Caviar tasting.

Why is so expensive?! The roe that is used for beluga caviar comes from the beluga sturgeon, which takes up to two decades for the beluga sturgeon to reach its maximum adult size.

Dimitri kindly explained us all Caviar and different type of Caviar they had in their shop. I've enjoyed experiencing different taste and texture of 5 or 6 type of Caviars from around the world.

You can serve it with a spoon or palette in a neutral material and place it directly on the cracker, blini, smoked salmon.

Caviar is a good source of vitamin B12 and high in cholesterol and salt. A one-tablespoon serving weighs in at 42 calories, 2.86 grams of fat, and 240 mg of sodium.

After Caviar tasting, we had a wonderful chocolate tasting, Caviar butter and truffle butter tasting. For some special occasion , it's always a good idea to experience this rare, luxury fish eggs.

Good quality and friendly service you could have in PERTROSSIAN makes everyone amazed. What else do you need?!

The boxes of Caviar tasting with Vodka and some Chocolates are available in the shop as well. For more information you can always check their website and contact with them directly on PETROSSIAN online shop.

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