L'Ecailler du Palais Royal

We know that certain restaurants are known for their expertise , they are turning out signature dishes amazingly , L'Ecailler du Palais Royal is one of this major player in Brussels which is a magnificent Belgian gastronomy restaurant. The building is for 17th century with stylish decoration which is elegant as well. The team behind L'Ecailler du Palais Royal understand their City clientele. They know the habits of their clients , delicate service is always required, as is a reliable and consistent dining experience.

" We know the habits of our clients . People come here to remember their memories." said Debora Abraham , she is the owner of the restaurant since last year.She was changing a bit the furniture's decoration as she explained. Combination of intimacy and excellency makes you feel special and tranquil. Specialty of fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Gleaming blue ocean decoration provides entertaining distraction , you can experience a classic menu which is a feast of nostalgic tastes and the absolute finest ingredients . Their specialty are fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

The chef was prepared a variety of amazing dishes for us. We've started with a glass of champagne and a mise en bouche which was a tuna mouse with king crab .

The 2nd course was lobster.The pickled vegetables on top which added yet more layers of flavor. It gave a texture to each bite.

The 3rd course was Saint Pierre fish with capper sauce. Rich and flavorful with just a touch of spice with the sauce on top.

And Voila! The Sea bass fish. The fish having an amazing flavor, whilst the creamy sauce were terrific also . It was very enjoyable and having delightful flavor.

Before dessert , we've experienced a lime mouse with meringue. The taste was rich and you could surprisingly could taste the lime pulps in the mouse.

My favorite part was the extraordinary dessert.Smooth delicious cream which coated with a layer of pistachio and almond , lemon sorbet and lychee on top in a bowl of thin chocolate biscuit . The cream as light and fluffy as could be, with the sorbet having dazzling texture . One of the great mix of classic and modern flavor.

The last but not least , the 2nd floor of this restaurant with red decoration and beautiful view of "The Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon "makes it flawless for enjoying your meal or even your private events.

I have to mention the service was amazing , with every little detail taken care of. We enjoyed every dish and moment in this restaurant. Thanks to Debora and her staff for this amazing experience.

You can find out more about their menu and restaurant on their site "http://www.lecaillerdupalaisroyal.be".

Address: Rue Bodenbroek 18, 1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 02 512 87 51

Reservations: thefork.be