Osteria Romana

Modern-design elements with certain level of quality made you impressive when you enter to this place, Osteria's interior design : walls, giant mirrors, high ceilings, well-designed library , cozy table decorated , even the lighting in the bar makes liquor bottles glowing.

When we arrived no one was there , after half an hour we couldn't find any free table. Chef Filippo La Vecchia opened this restaurant 4 years ago. He designed all the details

with his Italian passion. You can feel the difference and unique vibes in every corner of this restaurant.

Chef Filippo came personally and kindly asked us how would we like to have our dinner, and after choosing the most popular dishes in Osteria Romana we had experienced magnificent iItalian dishes.

At first, we've tasted a piece of 6 months aged cheese which was maturated in wine.Sophistication taste makes it different and it was intense and sharp as well.

A mix of fresh tuna with truffle oil and fresh truffles. I have to admit that the taste was delicately delicious. It was refreshing and influenced with Japanese and Italian flavors.

The oyster lay on beautiful stones which coated with caviar and a smooth creamy sauce.

Beautiful fried artichoke. You can feel Filippo 's passion on his dishes. His signature is his passion. The artichoke was cooked perfectly and the taste and texture was delicate.

Everyone says that if you want to taste a real pasta , you have to have it chez les Italiens. We've tried La Carbonara and fresh Pasta with shaved Truffles. It served in the pot which was really interesting for me because that makes me feel in Italy ( But i have to mention that you have to be careful , it wasn't easy to eat from the pot ).

For mains, it was fillet of veal , with a slow-cooked sauce, with fresh truffles . The combination of the tastes was excellent. The texture was delicately melted in my moth. Honestly, i've never tried a juicy flavored veal with truffles like this before.There was an excellent value wine menu also. They suggested us an amazing red wine which was perfectly match with our dishes.

Chef’s take on is tiramisu and some different amazing Italian cheese.

You can feel the combination of quality and festive atmosphere. The music was remarkable.Before going to the restaurant , i've seen many reviews about the expensive prices and i was curious to know is it right or not. Regarding the service, quality, ambiance and a combination of young cozy restaurant the prices were reasonable and it depends on what you are going to take , it's different. Chef Filippo was really friendly and will help you, if you need something special or follow a special diet.

At the end, if you looking for an Italian cozy restaurant with your friends or your love , i definitely would suggest you to try Osteria Romana. You can read more on their website about their menu and wine .

Address: 1000, Avenue Legrand 11, 1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 02 648 13 95