L'Idiot du Village

A remarkable cosy spot Brussels's city center , with an operatic name L'idiot du Village.The interior was quite warm and charming restaurant and the decor explodes with colors. . The menu was mostly contains fish.

L'idiot du village is close to rue Haute .They have this place for 27 years. The owner was in the kitchen for few years and now he is managing the restaurant.

We have ordered colorful, tasty starters with crab in the green cabbage and a seafood tartar. You can really enjoy the different taste and mixture in your dish. The cabbage was nicely formed and the sauce was sour and sweet.

The main dish was saint jacque lay on the mashed butternut squash. At that best, highly flavored taste and a crisp skin. I've never taste all these different flavor in my mouth.

And the dessert !! It was a chocolate fondant with a vanilla ice cream, which makes it adorably delicious. Make sure to order it. I really enjoyed the food presentation, beautiful blue plates and teapots.

The speciality here is fresh ingredients and a different mixture of flavor filling .

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Address: Rue Notre-Seigneur 19, 1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 02 502 55 82