La Quincaillerie

Original beautiful Belgian brasserie in an old ironmonger’s shop which is located in one of the most fashionable area of Brussels . You will charmed by this decoration which is for 1903. They kept the boxes and the floor to keep this originality . The architect Antonio Pinto makes it impressive by this huge gadget clock.

The restaurant is quit big , a capacity around 300 people . It was one of the fewest restaurant that when I went around 20:00 was pretty full. Colors make this place warmer , and passionate skilled manager and server describe dishes one by one. Focus is on exquisite food , pure and fresh.

In fact, seafoods and oysters became famous in La Quincaillerie. The oysters come from L'iIe d'oleron in west coast of France and their distinctive green color is due to the presence of the blue seaweed. You can feel the richness and the freshness of these oysters at the same time.

For mise en bouche we've experienced a crispy shrimp croquettes which was creamy inside. Fried perils helped this crunchiness.

For the starter , hand cut garnish smoked salmon. Smokey salmon was melting in my moth with a flavor of a Chinese style salad which was coated with sesame oil.

Fish is always treated with respect on the menu. Silky texture saint Jaques arrives , which lays pearly in a buttery saffron sauce and accompany with colorful beads of vegetables.

More often, chefs choose small dishes to present their foodie art but you can see the huge difference in the quantity as well. A juicy sea bass on eggplant caviar and griddle vegetables came with clams.

I am happy that the manager suggested us to try the cheese here. I have to confess that the strong spicy flavor with a tick fruit jam was incredible.

A selection of tasty dessert was a perfect finish. Panna cotta pistachio with passion fruit on top and the creamy creme brûlée were my favorite ones.

I had a short discussion with the Chef . He is in this amazing brasserie for almost 17 years. His kitchen was clean and organized which you can guess from the beautiful plates he makes.

Honestly, i was searching for a cosy ,high quality restaurant for a long time and i think i finally found it. You can find out more about La Quincaillerie on their website.

Address: Rue du Page 45, 1050 Ixelles

Phone: 02 533 98 33