What is a high quality ice cream means to you?! For me, flavor, texture, melting quality, color and the appearance of course. I found a perfect match to my expects which name is Capoue ice cream. It's a shop where you can take a seat and enjoy your guilty pleasure. The name comes form Capoua which is a small and lovely city in Italy. An Italian couple started this business in 1947 & in 1991 Mr.Boribon made it to a limited company. They developed the industry and production . Finally in 1998, they opened shops in Brussels. Regarding to the success of this delicious ice cream brand, they 've opened many more branches in Brussels city and they still are.

With the Brussels chaleur, the only thing you need is to order a cornet of mango & red berries... Fresh, tasty and not too sweet. Just perfect for heat dissipation. The girls kindly explained me with different taste and flavors. The prices are fare and the location in Ixelle was really good. Although, there is a small terrace that you can enjoy your ice cream over there while you are chatting with your friends and family.

While ice cream isn't typically eaten for its nutritional value, there are several health benefits associated with this frozen treat.Calcium, Protein and vitamins are some of the benefits. That's why I couldn't get finish with only one cornet and I've ordered a strawberry crumble. It was like a bomb of joy. Delicious vanilla ice cream, topped with fresh strawberries and crumbles.

Between spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream with Nutella swirls and fresh crepe , I had a great time with one of my friends.

Everything is delicious in this place. I couldn't resist not to take a cornet when I am walking in front of the shop and the best part for me is this amazing wall about " Ice cream is the answer".

You can choose the nearest Capoue to you on their website.