De Peerdestal

We began our evening experience in De Peerdestal restaurant which was curved in its layout and cosy and comfortable in its design. Following recommendations from the extremely friendly and attentive staff, we went for the suggested Ceviche of fresh salmon with a cream of avocado . The Spanish white wine, was well-balanced in terms of flavor and acidity.

As for the restaurant itself, the ground floor was well-appointed and spacious. Carefully designed, it was both intimate and social, with the acoustics being properly monitored to minimize any amplified chatter that often fills other establishments. This space is a combination of modern & traditional. It has a 45 years of background but with a young & modern touch, such as the lamps, the frames & the music which was really interesting for me . You can enjoy a matured meat with a beautiful song of the Game of thrones. who can say it is not good?!! You can easily understand that there is a thought behind everything which makes this place a classy fine-dining restaurant but cosy as well.

Mike, the owner, bought this restaurant 20 years ago & with his passion & his tastes made this restaurant a place to remember for many of us. He welcomed us warmly & explained how is the maturating process goes & how he started this path. At that time, he was the only one in Antwerpen who offered a matured meat. However, now a days we see a lot of restaurant.

Our first course was a delightfully tasty dish with a burst of summery colors, the salad "FOLLE". This was a rich salad of seafood served on a bed of greens & vegetables and it proved to be an epitome of freshness and deep rich flavors of juicy shrimps. The lobster helped to create a multi-sensory, visually arresting, seasonal experience.

I have to confess that all the dishes were the best dish of the evening. It is Red, isn't it?!! I've kept this redness to give you this warm ambiance feeling of the restaurant because of their beautiful red lamps on each table.

The weather was so delicate to miss the outside terrace of De Peerdestal. Beautiful architecture in a small street. I've asked for a fresh, colorful summery dessert & I have got the same thing as I've expected. Cold sorbet with fruits & special Simonecello drink from their lemon trees in Spain. Why Siomnechello? There is a beautiful story behind this Simonechello, the name of Mike's wife is Simone and they make this drink by themselves, so they call it Simonechello.

Nothing is not better than having a delicious food in an incredible atmosphere surrounded by people who loves you, your friends, your family or your love. This place is all about enjoying these beautiful feelings.

You can reserve your table with their direct telephone number and learn more about their menu on De Peerdestal official website.

Address: Wijngaardstraat 8, 2000 Antwerpen

Phone: 03 231 95 03