Lola is one of those restaurants that has been sitting in the delightful place du Sablon for 20 years now. Although many of the restaurants in the city center more to tourists than foodies, this certainly isn’t the case with Lola. I think , Lola is a place for your business lunch during the week , celebrating your love anniversary on a Saturday night & enjoying a relaxing, chilled-out vibe with your family on a Sunday.

The dining room is quite big & beautiful with the timeless decoration style . It is all very elegant .You feel like you’re in safe hands since all the staff individually say hello as you walk to your table. Lola's menu has devised a menu with influences from French cuisine. This delightful combination of the menu is matched by the chic, classy decor of the restaurant.

After nibbling on some soft warm crusty bread and salty creamy butter, we begin with our starter. I wanted something light and summery so we have ordered a plate of charcuterie with fig & jam to share. You can definitely enjoy it with different good wines also. if you need help for choosing a good wine which will match properly with your plate don't hesitate to ask.

For main course , we take advantage of the classic french menu, the beef tartar, which accompaniment with a mix of fresh salad & crispy fries.

Dessert of tiramisu is a perfect balance between sweet and sharp. A simple but effective end to our meal.

We enjoyed all aspects of our meal at Lola, from the presentation and taste of the food to the attention given by staff.

This restaurant thoroughly deserves the best rate for both front and back of house. This crew are a proper setup, with menu at every price point. I think Lola is well worth your time. I will be back again soon :) . You can read more about their menu & their story on the Lola's website.

Address: Grote Zavel 33, 1000 Brussel

Phone: 02 514 24 60