I can confidently say that Aspria is one of the best wellness club in Belgium. Th brand is well-known for delivering high European sensibilities in it's service– from the physical appearance of the club and facilities down to the detailed-oriented service standards of the staff. That's why I wanted to try personally and let you know more about this place.

It was Sunday and I was arrived at 9:30 .They were waiting for me and welcomed me & my friend warmly. The Aspria (la rasante) property has a relatively modest lobby which you can feel free to choose the best mood for yourself. I really liked the lounge room with a beautiful decoration.They helped us to be more familiar with the place by showing us around.

The plan was descried as:

9:30-10:30 Personal training session

11:30-13:30 Carita facial treatment

13:30 Lunch

Hotel Take shower & rest

At first, we went to the Hotel area of the residence which is well located in the club and only 15 minutes from the city centre and Grand Place. It has 19 stylish rooms and suites set in beautifully landscaped gardens. The hotel was like a farmhouse, with a combination of chic & rustic decoration, beautiful fire place which gives you a cosy feeling, you feel you are at home.

After we settled and put our stuff in our room , it was the time to do some fat burning activities. Steve , our personal trainer , welcomed us kindly and asked us about our physical conditions and the sports we do normally at gym to have an idea about how to train us. We started with TRX robes to warm up, we did reps of squats & lunges. Steve, professionally trained us and showed us how to do exercises for abs & arms.

But always there is a question in our mind which is " Does a personal trainer worth it or not?"

Let's face it , a personal trainer is someone who will tell you how to do exercises step by step & adopt it to your needs, goals and physical conditions & in return, normally charge you between 60 to 80 euros an hour, but why do we need one when there are people at gyms that can helps us? why should we pay more?

Some people try to do exercises in the way they mostly see other people do or now a days many of us buy online fitness plans which can show us what should we do to achieve our goals, some people just do the machines because they don't know how to exercise with their bodyweight.

Luckily, we are living in a world that we can discover everything in a professional way and find the right answers to our needs , then why would you lose this chance?

" Letting down yourself is always easier than letting down someone else",Steve mentioned . Maybe that's why personal trainers can push us and helps us to move.When you are about to change your lifestyle, you always have more chance to succeed with a personal trainer rather than doing it by yourself. I think this is the truth that we don't want to accept.

We were so glad to trained with him, we asked our questions & he helped us to know more about exercises which were good for us. I think our health is worth more than anything else . Maybe it's easier for us to spend our money on a good restaurant or a good bottle of wine but why it's difficult to spend our time and money on our personal health??

After this session, we went to discover the facial treatments.It was a session about one hour and thirteen minuets which you can lay down & enjoy your massage and facial treatments. At first, she cleaned my face with a cleanser and a hot towel and after she covered my face with a face exfoliant. She massaged the mask until my skin absorbed it then put some serum on my face and neck and massaged it with Carita machine which is good for pimples, pores and all the dead skins. You feel your skin is breathing again, it's a good experience which you may need once each 4 to 6 weeks normally. I really like to do it each 4 weeks but with a busy life I always skip this part. The thing which i really liked about ASPRIA was you can do anything you want. You don't need to do sport if you are not in mood, you can enjoy your skin treatment without spending time to find a new place or going to somewhere else. You can find anything you need and your body needs.

Now it's time to eat! After an active day, we are so relaxed and of course hungry.

There is a restaurant in ASPRIA where you can seat and enjoy a good menu of everything for adults and children. I know, normally foods at gyms are horrible, but I told myself let's give it a try and then judge !!

At first, we went for a green juice to accomplish our healthy day. It was a vegetable juice with green pepper, celery, kale & ginger. Honestly, this was my first time to try green pepper in my juice. Well, It wasn't bad at all & we enjoyed it. Then we ordered an oriental salad to share . It was hummus, falafel & some mix salad. Tasty and fresh! The bread was so good, smooth texture and served warm. Then we suggested to have a steak with fresh seasonal veggies . The meat was fresh and we had a variety of different veggies as our side dish.

There are just so many things to love here – from the cosy rooms to the impressive facilities. In between, I also found the service level to be notable even as I compare it to other fitness clubs in Belgium. With a good dining option and extensive wellness areas, the property is like a destination in itself and you do get to have some wonderful quality time . We all have different lifestyle and habits but it is good to know that ASPRIA can adapt to your needs, if you have family and children, you can be a part of this club, if you are an expat who comes to Brussels to work and would like to spend time at a corporative wellness, then ASPRIA can be a good choice, If you are enjoying your pension, again ASPRIA can offer you a high quality time.

You always can read more about their services on their official ASPRIA website.

Address: Rue Sombre 56, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Phone: 02 609 19 10