La Truffe Noire

I was standing in front of a beautiful building , saw the name "La Truffe Noire". Impressive name!! Opened the door and went up from a few stairs. I was welcoming warmly by Mr. Ciciriello and his team.

Luigi Ciciriello was born in a small village in Italy. When he was a child he had to help his family and worked hard . At age 11, he woke up every morning at 6 o'clock to pick tobacco leaves , as his father decided to growing tobacco in addition to his job.

Although, he was dreaming of becoming a lawyer or an engineer one day . Years later, with the help of his dad, he decided to leave his village and registered for Hotel School in Naples which where 350km far from his home . At school he was obliged to be a gentleman, however, what does gentleman means for a teenage boy whose parents never had a chance to experience "Il Galateo" life. "Il Galateo" means a code of good manners that must be displayed in polite society. From the first day of school, Luigi was happy and had "Il Galateo" manners in himself. He wouldn't imagine of becoming one of the greatest "Il Galateo" man in the future. He had continued his studies & he had decided to across borders and make a name for himself in Parsi but he found himself in Brussels. He started to work in many restaurants and bars until he was introduced to Abel & Maggy Bernard's Cravache d'or! This time it was a real university for him.

"Abel Bernard was one of the most talented cuisinier- restaurateur of this fin de siècle, he became my hero. It was him who introduced to me , my very first truffle!" he explained in his book. With a hard work and a challenging life he had, he had seen his dreams come true step by step.

The Italian national broadcasting network, featured him in a program. The gastronomic restaurant La Truffe Noire was joined in 1998 by the gourmet food boutique "L'atelier de La Truffe Noire". He was looking forward to a new adventures life.

After the warm welcoming , I was guided to my table, which was decorated with an orchid flower. La Truffe Noire had an elegant ambiance but comfortable feel and the room was quit big and well decorated with adorable colors on the walls and even for the carpet.

I was served with a green pea soup and a delicate cornet with a creamy texture & a fresh mozzarella bowl with basil and cherry tomato. Considering it's size ,it was quite incredible how much flavor it delivered.

Next up, a trolley was wheeled over to my table and Mr. Ciciriello prepared & served himself his famous carpaccio truffle dish. I had to admit that I was watching a movie during this preparation. He mixed mustard with olive oil & lemon juice to prepare the sauce & spread it on top of the impeccable beef carpaccio. He added generously the fresh truffle & parmesan at the end.

For me it was an exceptional dish with exceptional flavors. An intense flavor experience, the delicate fresh truffles lending lightness and balance in my mouth.

He brought the fresh black gold to smell by each of us at the table.As you know, there are two main types of truffles: black and white. The finest black truffles are found in the Périgord region of France and the best white truffles (in fact they’re more beige) in the Piedmont region of Italy. Normally, black truffles are harvested in late autumn and winter , however, it may be as late as March in the Périgord.

After this texturally exuberant carpaccio dish , I have tasted the ravioli with fresh truffles & a creamy delicious sauce. The truffle was as strong as I've expected and the mix of crunchy and smooth texture worked excellently. This course was matched with the perfect white wine which was fruity & oak .

This plate definitely was one of the prettiest courses I've had during my lunch time at this amazing place. The dessert I was suggested , was a lay of colorful, fresh fruits with basil sorbet & a candy floss on top as a core of a sunflower & decorated with beautiful meringue to accomplish this flower look. For a person like me who is in love with dessert , this plate was admirable. Beautiful, tasty, new flavor experience & basically a piece of art.

I still had a few last sweet treats before I was going to finish. A plate of small sweet bites with a really good cup of green tea were brought out to end, I've tasted the crème brûlée and a miniature raspberry bite with chocolate . Struggling to move after all the food I could take or leave the fudge but the bites were too good to resist.

I think there was a strong focus on taste, texture and temperature, a philosophy that has been further perfected with harmony and complexity. With their sagacious and imaginative dishes Luigi Ciciriello and his team, demonstrate that they are still ahead of the curve and that they deliver an exciting journey with surprising texture and flavor combinations with respect for the ingredients. A truly delicious meal which you can feel the flavor celebration in your mouth.

I've finished my notes about all the details & suddenly, I saw a man who did a long way to became who he is today, a man who worked hard for his dreams and his strong passion helped him to be a successful man.

I closed the door behind myself and looked at the building again and I remembered that I've read that Italians say: " La fortuna arriva a coloro che osano ( Fortune comes to those who dare), Today, I've learnt a new lesson which can be a pattern to achieve my dreams one day.

Address: Boulevard de la Cambre 12, 1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 02 640 44 22