Hotel Hilton old town Antwerpen

Tonight , I was fortunate enough to be invited by Hotel Hilton old town in Antwerpen for a weekend. I was of course very delighted to be able to stay in this hotel, and like many, I also had my own impressions about the brand which did not deviate from the perception of the general public.

Antwerpen, one of my favorite cities in Belgium!! City of art and fashion, city of young inspiration, good food and beautiful architecture always crossing to my mind when someone talking about this city.

There are certain brands that are so powerful that the mere mention of its name requires no further explanation. I suppose that when it comes to the Hilton brand, most people come in with a certain impression, a certain expectation of what this brand represents. For many, the Hilton is considered to be at the apex of hotel chain brands, one that is timeless, synonymous to comfort, and providing impeccable service.

My check-in procedure took only a while. The front desk officer explained to me that my room package came with breakfast and Hotel's amazing restaurant which is one of the best in Antwerpen & she gave a letter with all the informations.

The room was on fifth floor where all the executives room were. I had a junior suit. I was so excited!! I took the time to survey what my room had to offer. There were a lot of beautiful touches that really heightened my stay.

For instance, the hotel manager was nice enough to leave a note – a nice gesture given that very few hotels nowadays seem to get the personalization factor right.

There was plate full of Belgian chocolate and a bottle of champagne. I don’t think there’s any need to go into detail but I was pleasantly surprised to see all these surprises.

In a good restaurant bread and wine are very important to me. They kindly suggested us to taste a wine from San Francisco, which I didn't expect at all. However, we gave it a try and honestly, I just added the name into my favorite wine list. Scallops with a fresh sauce of cucumber. I could have smell the cucumber from far away. It had a creamy texture, smooth and delicious. You feel refreshing when you try this beautiful green plate.

You can't find this little beauty everywhere. A delicious crispy foie gras which had to take with the champagne ice. It was a extraordinary taste. Cold and warm, creamy and rich, I can call it chef's bomb of flavors.

And our main courses came, It was a perfect combination. Equally sumptuous was entrecote, cooked perfectly , with a nice satisfying bite, and complemented by a fresh garden vegetables , which lifted the dish and added a pleasant touch of complexity.

This was followed by a refreshing and elegant dessert of vanilla mouse with sweet and sour raspberry , some crispy Speculoos that had a nice touch. The service during the meal was great. The staff were always around to make sure we were helped even though the restaurant was busy. The staff were nice enough to give us some control over how fast or slow the food was delivered.After all, we had a fantastic evening.

The Hilton Hotel is close enough to the action of nearby activities. It's in the middle of the old town where you have restaurants, shops and all the amazing places to visit.

If you are looking for a good food & amazing stay for your anniversary or even your business trips , I would insist you to try Hilton Antwerpen in the old town. This property have fantastic facilities, great activity options and good service and lovely food.

Address: Groenplaats 32, 2000 Antwerpen

Phone: 03 204 12 12