Today, I have experienced an amazing master class chef by sushi shop. We were 10 in this workshop. It was a beautiful home in Brugmann area. Linda from Tan Dem agency welcomed us warmly and guided us to the kitchen floor. Beautiful kitchen area and everything had been prepared for each of us. Sushi rice bowl, a wood board, a sharp knife, a Makisu mat and all the fresh products that we need for the new Sushi shop box. Anne Sophie Pic is a French chef best known for gaining three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Maison Pic, in southeast France. She is the fourth female chef to ever win three Michelin stars, and was named the Best Female Chef by The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2011 & now this year she has created the new Sushi shop box. Extraordinary flavors, combination of different tastes and of course making each piece as beautiful as an art painting.

Natural flavoring plays a big role in her cooking & her favorite spices is green cardamom.

Let's come back to our class, we were all ready and now it was the time to start!

We started with smelling different spices on the table and then our teacher thought us how to make a bowl or our maki and how to prepare a maki roll.

Knowing different spices could help us to have a better knowledge of combining different flavors.

Probably you think cutting a roll is the easiest part, but it's not !! It needs an accuracy and excellence to make beautiful sushi.

This box was different than other boxes, different flavors, combination of different tastes which I have never tried before in my life makes it distinguished.

This box included Matcha goat cheese sushi, tuna sushi, pesto nigiri, mushroom maki.

Shaping each nigiri in a correct way needs a lot of time! She put some rice on her right finger and slightly shaped it, put a thin slice of fish on the other finger and smoothly turn the rice on top of the fish, tried to shape it again and turned the nigiri.

The Japanese focus on the small things in their cuisine which make such a large impact in the quality of the food. The country takes pride in their food and uses it for various symbolic reasons.Their attention to detail is also used as an advantage in order to show people all around the world as to why they are known for their wonderful cuisine.

I have to admit that It was a great lesson for me. I hope i can make what we have learnt during class again & bring Japanese flavors to my home.