Discovering Belgium with Lexus, Part 1; Antwerpen

I like Likeittotaste to be an adventurer who discovers amazing places , services and products. For this reason, I've decided to travel to different cities in Belgium with my Lexus luxury cars. I will introduce you the best places to visit in Belgium with a complete guide of where you can stay, where you can eat and what you can visit!! Beside this, we will explore Lexus beautiful cars and if they are comfortable from a point of view of a usual driver not a professional one!

But Why ? You can find out many professional car reviews on different blogs but do you think all of us are professional drivers as well?! Do we understand all the details that professionals say?! Experiencing cars from this point of view is more interesting for me and I think it might be the same for you :).

Let's come back to our first city trip, Antwerp. As you may know, Antwerp is the capital of Antwerp province in Flanders and it is the most populous city proper in Belgium. It's young, fashion and motivated.

You shouldn't be Blegian or from outside of it to enjoy a weekend in this beautiful city with all the amazing restaurants, shops and museums. It is always a lot to discover in Antwerp.

From Brussels to Antwerp, there is a distance of around 46 km ( about an hour) . We took a LEXUS NX for this journey because a SUV car could be more comfortable on the road.

What is amazed me about this NX car is how clever it is. Everything from mirrors to the steering wheel are planned to be conscious. If you are going out of the line while you are driving, your NX car will automatically turns your steering wheel right and puts you back in the line again.

High-end luxury cars are always hard to pinpoint on value, because they tend to have equipment that you can't get elsewhere.The engine and wind noise are negligible, the seats are so comfortable ( even on the back seat you will enjoy a comfortable drive) and even the stereo is something else , it was clear and so powerful. You definitely can feel this difference with other luxury cars like BMW. All in all it is a very pleasant place to be.

NX is hybrid provides strong acceleration although in terms of driver you can enjoy a very smooth and almost mute drive which was fascinating for me.You feel like you are driving on the clouds.

I have arrived to Hilton old town of Antwerp. I've welcomed warmly as always. The receptionist gave an envelope with a phrase on it " Welcome back Home". It feels amazing, Thank you Hilton Antwerp for such a especial feeling. I have checked in and put my suitcase upstairs.

Outside was rainy, I have decided to enjoy an hour in their gym salon which was quiet and fully equipped and then I have changed and took an umbrella from reception and walked through this city. The location is so wonderful , you can go everywhere by walk because you are in the center of everything. You are just in front of the Cathedral of Our Lady.

For my stay, I had access to the club lounge which is on the 5th floor. The Hilton old town club lounge offers a special breakfast, afternoon snacks and open bar in the evening. You can enjoy cocktails from 6 pm all the way to 9 pm, Incredible! The breakfast was great but I have prefer to have my breakfast downstairs in the Flo Brasserie because they have changed their menu and you can enjoy a delicious omelette or a yummy egg Benedict with your favorite topping. The breakfast was quite extensive and jammed full of guests.

During my stay at the property I also had a chance to enjoy dinner in their Brasserie. This place is amazing. Good food, good atmosphere and good service are priorities here.


Grand Place (Grote Markt):

Cathedral of Our Lady: is Belgium's largest Gothic church. Work was started on the cathedral in 1352, continuing until 1521.

Plantin-Moretus Museum: It was the house of Christophe Plantin in 1576.Today, building is the Plantin-Moretus Museum incorporating the history of printing as well as showcasing the atmosphere of an Old Flemish patrician house

Diamond Museum (Diamantmuseum):The Diamantmuseum explores all the different aspects of the trade in diamonds, including sections on their extraction, processing, and industrial use

Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten):belonged originally to the Lucas Guild of Painters and Sculptors, founded in 1442 but today is presenting amazing art collections of mostly Flemish and Dutch artists.


I was lucky enough to discover this beautiful restaurant. Maybe it is one of the most beautiful restaurant I have ever seen in Antwerp. Just 5 minuets walk from the hotel and enjoy an incredible time at The house Colvenier. You can read about this experience in a separate article.

De peerdestal: If you are a big fan of good meat you have to visit this place. Mike the owner, maturates meats by himself. Incredible service and quality of the food is so important here. You can read more about it on my article about de peerdestal in Antwerp.

Overall, I must say that at first, I was not comfortable to drive with NX because of it's size but during this week, I figured out that I'd like it, but that wasn't right.I love it.

For a week, it was comfortable, fun, quiet and quick. Everything worked flawlessly and everything was where I wanted it to be. The fact that it looks as good as it does, especially the lovely interior, only helped confirm what I already felt: This is truly, at its core, a special car.That's why it's one of the best car I've ever driven and on the other hand , considering all of the Hilton's features, I really enjoyed my stay in this Hotel. The service, the quality of food and the location make this a fantastic hotel to stay at and therefore I can recommend you to stay at the Hilton old town Antwerp.

Hope you have enjoyed my article and It can help you while you are visiting Antwerp. If you go there and find an amazing place let me know then I can discover it on my next trip :) .