If my recent trip to Antwerpen has left you dreaming of your own Belgian trip adventure, you’re in the right place. I am writing this post to show you the best restaurant in this beautiful city .

The Colvenier house is in the heart of Antwerp. From the hotel Hilton that we have stayed, only 7 minutes walks.

The Restaurant is situated on Sint-Antoniusstraat 8, a few doors down from the most fashionable street shops. In a matter of weeks, the team at Colvenier have turned an old, run-down newsagents into an elegant, modern Victorian style brassiere.We walked in to this beautiful restaurant. It was a combination of traditional and modern. The building was impressive itself but the decoration with interesting paintings and beautiful flowers made it more enjoyable.

The building was very old and you can still see the name of first family who made candles in this building in 1879.

Fitted with floor to ceiling tiles, fantastic patterned floors and gold flourishes throughout, Colvenier is a welcome breath of fresh air from the stripped-back industrial chic aesthetic seen across Antwerpen over the last years.

For the welcome drink we went downstairs, which was an amazing wine cave. Beautifully decorated with huge collections of famous and expensive wines.

Italian green olives and high quality parmesan were our delicious bite while enjoying our drinks.

The meal started with a beautiful lobster dish with a creamy butter sauce. It was so fresh, well cooked and tasty enough because of the sauce texture.

Next up was the main dish very good quality and judgement of fish with a buttery cream supporting sauce. This was clearly wonderful quality, and colorful side veggies was an interesting mix. The fish itself was showing very good flavor .

A pre-dessert green tea , mint and different chocolate and small pastry bites did its job of cleansing the palate. The chocolate dessert and the fresh strawberries was luxurious as a dessert ! Visually, it is always interesting to have something different but it won’t affect the success of the dish when dining and my senses enjoyed the soft handling of the chocolate but the delicious crème brûlée was a touch too sweet to enjoy.

They have constructed some suits on upstairs of the restaurant with a high security system which has a separate entrance as well. I have to admit that the rooms were perfectly situated, well decorated with everything you might have need, bathroom, kitchen and a really nice TV salon.

I walked away from this beautiful restaurant pleased as punch to have come back and objectively, it was a great experience with delicious moments.

All in all, this was a lovely and relaxed place to visit and if you are planing to go to Antwerpen you can stay in their beautiful suit rooms, which I thin would be a bit high in price but definitely worth it because of all the amazing benefits you have and the marvelous location.

Address: Sint-Antoniusstraat 8, 2000 Antwerpen

Phone: 0477 23 26 50