Discovering Belgium with Lexus, Part 2; Brussels

Brussels is one of the many popular tourist destinations in the world. European commission have been set in Brussels and making it’s city known to many people around the world. With so many wonderful sights and activities, it really is impossible to get a full appreciation of the city in just a day.

However, if you are short on time and you only have a day to spend in Brussels, I’ll show you my recommendations to make the most of your time in the city. Sometimes even people from the city, less seen from their own city than the tourists. The most of us visiting museums and galleries when we are in a new town but it may never been an adventurer in our own city. So, This article might be interested for locals and tourists.

For this Brusselsy day, I had a chance to discover a new car as well. A one which was small and comfortable for our city drive, a Lexus CT! I think , CT is one of the most practical cars in the class for day-to-day use. At first, it was a bit strange for me because the infotainment system uses a cursor that’s controlled by a joystick, which can be distracting at first but after a while you will get used to it and actually it was so easy to use. I liked the interior design with the soft leather seats and for the quality, they use environmentally friendly materials. The seats are fantastic. They offer a great comfort.

Although, I love all about hybrid cars. This hybrid Drive system makes a very effective use of engine and electric motor. It’s a very smooth accelerator, I think would be an amazing driving experience inside the city.

Etangs d'Ixelles is one of my favourite places in Brussels to have my morning walk on Sundays. Beautiful nature with the sound of the lake and the ducks, makes this place so incredible.

First, if you are a tourist, drop your bags at the Steigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel. This charming property feels like a cosy luxury palace inside the city, thanks to its location in a quiet corner of place Stephanie.

Unfortunately, shops are closed in Brussels on Sundays ( except on the first Sundays of each month) . However, there are many other things to do like brunching, art galleries and enjoying beautiful sightseeing.

To start the day, brunching is my favorite. All the week, I am dreaming about it. Especially when I know I will go to one of the most incredible brunches in the town, Hotel Wiltcher's. Their brunch starts from 12pm till 3pm. You can enjoy a beautiful terrace if the weather allows you, otherwise, they have a huge salon inside. Starts with champagne and egg Benedict's. It's easier in one phrase , anything you wish you can find here!


If you’re seeking a little intellectual and social engagement buy a ticket at Bozar.

Bozar is a center of fine art in Brussels and you can always find good exhibitions over there. The one, I have chosen to visit was about 4 different type of arts; Spanish still life, Hugo Claus, Fernand Leger and Dirk Braeckman. Each of them was unique in their own place. You can visit this Expo till end of June. Otherwise, you can check Bozar's website and see their Expo's calendar.

Sunday in Sablon

Rue Haute, rue Blaes, and in the Sablon, the streets are alive on Sundays. This neighborhood is scattered with antique shops, good restaurants and many art galleries which brings this city to life.

There are many traditional Belgian delicious things to eat that everyone should make time for, even on a short stopover. I will explain you more in details. One of them, is the famous American tartar, but a good one! This is one of the Belgians famous dishes and they prepare it differently with eggs, ground beef and spices. Lola is so popular for one of the best contemporary brasseries in Brussels. Don't worry ! you have time to do everything because they are open non stop on Sundays!

Sundays afternoon tea always is in Wittamer. One of the oldest pastries in Brussels. If the weather is good enough, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of beautiful Sablon.

I am sure that you will love to see Brussels street arts in the center. Different architecture and styles, beautiful bars and cafe Bruxelloise all are unique. Sometimes, we can get the most from cities by walking in the streets and watch beautiful historical buildings . One of my favorite building is the old England Building which is the Musical Instrument Museum. The building itself is something exceptional. However, you can enjoy visiting an amazing history of different music instruments and know more about musical history since the beginning. Sometimes, visiting once is not enough and you when you come back you will discover more.

And there’s still sustenance for the end of your 24-hour marathon: Grand place and the city center of Brussels with the vintage Sundays market and the huge American style Burgers of HardRock cafe , all could be a good end to your week, before starting all over again on Monday.