Impasse del Sablon

I've heard about a new Spanish restaurant in Brussels which opened a few months ago in Sablon. So, I've decided to discover the place, however, Impasse del Sablon is quickly becoming one of the area’s popular hotspots, created perfectly for its Sablon clientele with beautiful and well-decorated interiors, fancy lighting and a hint of sparkle. What will cross your mind when someone talks about Spanish food? Tapas?Paella? Actually, it's more than that! Spanish cuisine has a rich culinary history. with its range of distinct regions, each proud of their local specialties and actually, Influences from abroad like Americans have brought further enrichment to local dishes. Maybe, fine dining was a bit quiet in Spain and fewer people around the world heard about their fine cuisine and culture but recently everything has been changed. We have the best restaurant in the world in Girona (Spain) and concepts like Impasse del Sablon are trying to develop Spanish culinary art in other countries. Back to Impasse del Sablon, we have arrived around 8 pm. They welcomed us warmly and guided us to our beautiful table next to the window. Having a view of my favorite street in Brussels was already a point for Impasse Sablon. Since I came to Brussels, street of Impasse Saint-Jacques became my favorite corner for walking and photography and now I could have enjoyed my meal over there. Serving wine and delicious Spanish plates in the lavishly decorated dining area designed by Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo, the surrounding is a far cry from Sablon’s usual shabby chic with colors, glittering glasses, and tableware and an impressive and cozy ambiance. Normally, when you go to a fine dining restaurant, you get a bit disappointed by their cold ambiance, but here everything was different.

Our mise en bouch came like a plate of surprise. The rule was to serve from right to left for me and left to right for my husband. We started and suddenly amazed by the texture and the taste in such a tiny thing.

Different texture, creamy, rich taste and the crunch in 3 of them was incredible. We have served with a Spanish white wine of Enate Chardonnay which was a fantastic Chardonnay from Somontano. I moved all along between the fruitiness of aromas and the freshness even acidity of Chardonnays. Since we were really amazed by the place, they've explained us about the Spanish fine dining, the restaurant itself and the chef. Marcos Moran who is well known chef in Spain. He is the fifth-generation member chef of the Morán family which have received the National Gastronomy Award in Spain.

Starter was langoustine which was coated with a ravioli pasta and kale. It has a stew sauce as well. So fresh and different in tastes. To me it was something totally new that i have never tried before and i have to admit that i really liked it.

My favorite part was this chocolate bomb! I love chocolate and never seen a bomb like this before. It came with a chocolate bubble which was a delicious chocolate inside.It was an exception. I can just come here everyday for this dessert. I was already full and didn't have any space but i am glad that i have tried it. This chocolate bomb dessert, makes you feel giddy like a child.

Impasse del Sablon shows that their offering is so much more than just an impressive decoration. They really focus on quality ingredients cooked perfectly without fuss.The result is something quite special and worth trying.