I was sitting near the window with my friend, where the owner Constantin Erinkoglou was welcoming us and explained us about his beautiful restaurant. The dining salon was well decorated, minimalist but still intimate dining space with a custom-made vintage oak table. The light was very pleasant and sophisticated.

When it comes to food, the appetizers include all mediterranean flavors : green lentils ,crab salad and an eggplant mixture with lemon. They suggested us a refreshing white wine for this starter.

Ravioli with meat, poached in chicken broth was an interesting combination to me. Very soft because of the ravioli in the broth but still delicious because of the meat flavor.

For the main course, we had veal with tasty morels and parsnips. The veal was a thing of beauty: a great crust on the outside, rare and juicy on the inside. The plate came out hot, as it should be, to maintain the veal at a good temperature throughout the meal.

Notos is not a normal Greek restaurant that you can see everywhere (Especially when you say Greek food everyone think of Pitta), but the Greek course was surprisingly good; high nutrition, in particular, tasted like home cooking.

On the other hand, the modern Greek style Notos was fantastic. It was unique for what is offering. Cozy place for a date night and enjoyable, tasty food which brings you the feeling of your grandma's cooking with a modern renewed style.

For dessert, we've experienced one of the most delicious chocolate cakes in town with cardamom and passion fruit. I couldn't take my hands off from the cake.

In addition, at 65€ per person for the food alone, the Notos degustation menu seemed reasonable.

Address: Rue de Livourne 154, 1000 Bruxelles

Phone: 02 513 29 59