Today, I want to introduce you to one of the coolest concepts of modern Asian food in Brussels. '' Dim Yum'' has been opened recently in the Flagey area. The concept is very interesting because you can eat dumpling as much as you like which are prepared with European flavours as well.

In each portion you have four dumplings and You usually ten to twelve pieces is enough per person. You can order different flavours because the prices are so reasonable!

I have to admit that the white wine is special too! You need to taste it!

I always loved to eat dim sum as much as I want and this place is like a paradise of dim sum. You can try anything you want with different side choices. I think one of the great mysteries of life is how chefs can make other culture's speciality with a flavour that you like.

All of them are delicious even the veggie juicy version. I have never tasted a veggie dim sum before.

I think they were so clever to make this concept. It is like the fast food of dumplings. You can even order it for taking away. They did not start yet to work with a delivery system but maybe in future you can even order it online.

Address: Rue Malibran 20, 1050 Ixelles