Blood orange & pistachio tart

Well that didn't turn out how I thought it would. I was so excited during last few months to develop my cooking workshops and my classes but now, with all these COVID19 situation, I have no idea how to re-arrange everything. I am feeling pretty disappointed but this is life. I was encouraged by your beautiful messages guys to continue writting and posting.

We are at the end of orange season and i would like to make a dessert with that before it will be too late. I didn't necessarily have any idea in mind besides not liking using too much sugar and flour. As you know, i love pistachio and i told myseld what about an easy pie with puff pastry? I understand the buttery crust is a vehicle for flavorful fillings and some people are all about it, but sometimes we need a good result with less spending time.

Sometimes, all we need is to have something delicious for everyone in the family that doesn't mean that we have to spend a day in the kitchen or be a pastry chef. We can still bake a tart and share it with love.


2 blood oranges

2 tbsp sugar

2 tbsp pistachios

1 puff pastry


Prepare your puff pastry and put it on a board.

Add 2 tbsp of sugar and place oranges on the puff pastry, right in the middle.

Use your hand to shape the puff pastry like a galette. As you can see in my picture.

Bake it for 20 Minutes at 175°c.

You can always sprinkle some more sugar & crushed pistachios or add a tbsp of custard on top when you’re serving!