Discovering Belgium with Lexus , Part 4; Bruges

Summer began, and this year we are lucky to have this sunny weather in Belgium. I love this small country because it has many incredible places to visit. Different styles but the same culture. This time, I have chosen to go to Bruges. Bruges is in northwest Belgium, distinguished by its canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings. Its port, Zeebrugge, is an essential center for fishing and European trade. It only takes one hour to get there from Brussels. If you want to have a special weekend with your love or your family this city will satisfy your needs. We were lucky that Lexus gave us an RX 300 model to experience comfort while we are going to Bruges. Do you consider yourself as a car lover or not? I have to admit that I didn't consider myself as a car lover but I surprisingly fell in love with Lexus cars. This luxury hybrid SUV gives comfort that you have never experienced before with other brands. At first, the 3D design and LED headlights of this RX take your attention. Heater and cooler of the seats, Bluetooth and a fantastic option of wireless charging. I admire this features because I always forget my charger while I am driving.

When we arrived at The Heritage hotel of Brugge, the staff were quickly and friendly collecting our luggage from the car and whisking us up to our room. The lobby was lovely, and featured lots of flowers and beautiful decorations. The welcoming fragrance couldn’t be ignored and was very inviting, especially with the candles on the floor.

Beautiful details in every corner caught my eye. You could have feel the positive inspiration.

Heritage hotel room fit together in a very cohesive manner, and offered fantastic feeling of comfort and unique home feeling. The hallway smelt so good and relaxing. As I told you earlier, I loved every derails, that's why I captioned this beautiful table decoration in front of our room.

The room had everything and they welcome you with a small fruit basket with a hand writing note. The capsule coffee machine was much appreciated. However, you can use room service anytime you want.

The spacious bathroom was equipped with large bathtub and glass shower stall. White marble always makes me feel the luxury. Towels were ready with slippers. There were a marble bathtub ready to enjoy as well.

One of the cutest things I've seen at Heritage hotel was a paper which has been sent to our room in the morning with whole information of weather in Brugge. What a lovely idea. When you walk into the hotel, you can see that they paid attention to all the details. You feel like you are staying in your countryside palace. Friendly couples, who are the owner of this beautiful place for more than 25 years, make everything special. They have a drink gathering time every Thursday evening with their hotel guests with free champagne and finger food to chat and know their guests better.

After this incredible gathering, we went for a walk in this beautiful city and return to Hotel at 7:30 pm. They have turned on candles everywhere on the floor and it was so pretty. They welcomed us to the hotel's bar. The bar was not too big but it was cozy, especially with all family pictures of the owners. You really enjoying every corner of the Heritage hotel.

We ordered two glass of wine and suddenly they brought us some surprises. So delicious and beautifully decorated. The chef knows what to do.

The lobby really shines bright in the afternoon and evening . The Heritage hotel offers a great buffet breakfast. You have a selection of different breads, cakes ,eggs and cold buffet. The breakfast was so dreamy. I felt like i am a princess in 1850 with a beautiful house and friendly staffs who served me in a perfect manner.

The night spent at this glorious property were a treat. All of the service staff treated guests with respect and kindness. The Heritage Hotel has been consistently high quality regardless of location, quality of service and facilities. This beautiful romantic hotel exceeded my expectations and provided quality lifelong memories. My stay was flawless and therefore I can highly recommend you to stay at the Heritage hotel if you visit Bruges.

Address: Niklaas Desparsstraat 11, 8000 Brugge

Phone: 050 44 44 44