Discovering Belgium with Lexus, Part 3; Dinner in the sky

Today, I experienced something that I never thought I could do. Even thinking about it made me scared but after this exceptional experience, I suggest everyone try it. I was hoping you could read my article to know more about what is called The dinner in the sky.

Dinner in the sky is a Belgian concept which uses a crane to hoist its diners. You can go up to 50m high. Dinner in the sky is one of the world's unusual restaurants according to Forbes. David Ghysels, the owner, is a Belgian entrepreneur who gives the real meaning to this sentence" sky is our limit. "

For this excellent restaurant, I needed a superb car too. That's why I drove a Lexus RC coupe. Drive with this sportive RC 300h will get eyes glancing. This was the first time that everyone from friends to people in the street asked me what the model of this Lexus is! The design is perfection.

You may think that these type of sportive cars should not be comfortable. However, I decided to drive with it for a few hours, and the result was clear, it is so comfortable even for long distance destinations. Up front, the seats were comfortable, and the leather was smooth and well designed. I liked the interior design of this RC coupe. RC 300h has the power, but it is hybrid as well, it is in total silence when it's on hybrid mode. As a girl, I enjoyed driving while I had this RC even more than other models.

The driving position of this RC 300h is excellent too, with a low-slung driver’s seat that gives a coupe feel without making it feel like you are too low. I think driving with this RC is relaxing and fun. You have the comfort of Japanese and the beautiful design and the power. What else do you need to use your favorite car?

I parked my RC in the Dinner in the sky's parking. They sent a map to find the right place to enter and park. This year, they organizing Dinner in the sky besides the Basilica which is one of the beautiful art deco building in Brussels. They served champagne as a welcome drink before the adventure starts. At 12:30, we all were ready in the fill to be seated. From the first, friendly staffs got my attention, and I think this is one of the essential things in a restaurant. One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to meet so many passionate people. Food allows me a bridge to meet people I wouldn’t regularly meet. I had a chance to meet famous Chef Luigi again here. Last year, I wrote an article while I was eating at his beautiful restaurant La Truffe Noire.​

We were seated and fastened our belts to be ready for the departure.

The menu started with an amuse-bouche which was a tomato with crispy caramel, Creme brulee of Fois gras and Espuma of corn with popcorns. It was delightful, the Fois gras having good flavor, the burnt surface acting as a natural seasoning.

La Truffe Noire is famous for its truffles. Chef Luigi uses this Italian touch as his signature for the restaurant.

The famous carpaccio with fresh truffles and parmesan was so fresh .Every element of it was exquisite and describing the flavors is impossible you simply need to try it. A mixture of lemon and mustard dressing with the flavor of fresh truffles. In this sunny day, up in the sky, we needed that refreshing starter.

The main course was of course just as good as it looked, both in presentation and in flavor. It was a codfish with asparagus and cinnamon dressing. Everything was so well executed on the plate and that lamb was stunning.

Finally, we had finished our meal and it was time for dessert. We went with the coconut mousse with apricot which was summery and smooth with the exotic apricot taste. I can still remember the taste of the ice cream with mint.

Up there, with music, everyone sang, and the chef's team served us and sang with us. We were all clapping and singing. It was just incredible. We were so lucky that the weather was perfect, sunny but not too windy. However, if the weather is windy, they will decrease the crane's height. For people who are afraid of the height, I have to say that unless you don't look down, you don't feel you are eating in the sky with a crane.

I had such a lovely lunch at Dinner in the sky , As you could have guessed I was mind blowing. The food was incredible and the view was extraordinary. David and his team in the Dinner in the sky are doing a great job to make your experience exceptional.

So far, this was one of the best experience I have had, I enjoyed the meal and the ambiance a lot and I will definitely be here next year, it worth the time and the money.

To know more about the Dinner in the sky and their reservation system , please check their official website.