Kookoo Sabzi or Persian herb frittata

How many of you love cold, gloomy winter days? On the contrary, how many of you are desperate for warm, sunny spring days? Either way, we’re here in the tail end of summer and the beginning of fall. This is the season when I crave comfort food but if I can make it healthy, I will be more glad.

“Kookoo sabzi” is a classic dish with tons of fresh herbs. It’s a celebration of flavors and freshness. You should make this frittata. It’s full of herbs and sautéed leeks. It’s a great gluten-free brunch option.

We usually make this classic dish for our new year but it is something that I am craving every month. It's so fresh and it reminds me of my childhood when my mom used to make a sandwich with this Kookoo sabzi and I loved it!


2 cups of leek, chopped

500 gr of mixed herbs, parsley, dill and coriander

Salt & pepper

1 tsp tumeric

4 eggs

Olive oil

1 tsp of baking powder


Use a sharp knife and chop finely all the herbs. It may take a while but it worth it.

Place a non-stick pan on the heat and add 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Saute chopped leeks for 3 to 4 minutes.

Transfer all the chopped herbs with leek into a bowl.

Add 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of turmeric, 1tsp of baking powder, and 4 eggs into the bowl.

Mix everything well.

Place the same non-stick pan on the heat and add 2 tbsp of olive oil.

Pour your batter into the pan and let it cook on medium-low heat with a lid on top.

After 20 minutes, transfer it into your preheated oven (170°C) and let it cook for another 20 to 25 minutes.

Take it out from the oven and place a large plate on top of the pan and flip it over.

Serve it with fresh bread.