Pumpkin Soup

I’m one of those people that doesn’t order soup when I go out to eat. I guess I feel like soup is something that I should be eating at home. It just seems like home is the right place to be, to spoon up a bowl of warm broth, a mélange of vegetables, or some sort of purée & when the weather becomes so cold, the only thing I can think about is a bowl of warm soup. What is better than that?

It's the season of pumpkin and this recipe is the easiest and the most delicious soup. Try it!


2 cups of chopped pumpkins 2 cloves of garlic 2 onions 2 cups Vegtable broth Salt & pepper Some olive oil


In a large pan, add some olive oil and saute your minced garlic for a minuet.

Add the vegtable broth, pumpkins & the onions and let it cook for 30 minutes on medium high heat.

With a hand mixer , mix all the ingredients until your pumpkin soup becomes smooth and silky.

Add some salt & pepper & serve it into a bowl.

For garnish you can add some greek yoghurt or cream.