Inside sustainable bathroom 


why shampoo bars? why free packaging products?

Have you ever thought that what's inside your shampoo, conditioner and good smell body shower gels? 

Everything we use on our bodies has a potential impact on our health, including our shampoo and conditioner. It gets absorbed into our skin. Are the chemicals inside your shampoo and conditioner safe to use?

Most of the big brand shampoos contain preservatives and fragrance which can irritate the skin, dry out your scalp, be toxic to human health, and harm marine life after going down the drain. 

Lush zero waste hair and body products have the same lather, the great smell, and last just as long (or even longer) but are made with all natural ingredients that you can pronounce.


They have no fillers, no additives, and no plastic bottle or packaging. They enrich your hair with essential vitamins and oils and promote hair growth, leaving your hair soft and full of shine.

Coffee Shampoo (The brown round bar) is a caffeine shampoo bar that’s rooting for your hair. Boost circulation to the roots and promote healthy hair growth with a spicy and stimulating blend of clove infusion, whole coffee beans, and caffeine powder, while cocoa powder and molasses add lashings of head-turning shine. 

Cocoa Sugar Scrub (The cute rabbit) , Granulated sugar gives this little treat its exfoliating action while aloe vera extract soothes and cools.


White solid deodorant is packed full of natural ingredients to keep you feeling fresh. It was my first time to try solid and free packaging deodorant and I feel amazing. It stays long and it smells amazing.  Utilize the power of absorbent sodium bicarbonate and witch hazel to stay dry, while antibacterial chamomile vinegar and cooling, fragrant patchouli keep you smelling sweet. 

My favorite conditioners bars. The left one, you need to keep it in a jar and the right one, you can use it as a soup on your hair. Human beings make million of waste every second and if we try to use free package products we take a step forward to a better world. We use high-quality eco-friendly products and we need to try to have a less negative impact on the environment. 

Make sure, you have your favorite free packing products everywhere at home. I have my favorite hand products of lush in my kitchen and I always use them right after washing dishes and cleaning my kitchen. 

Taking care of our environment means taking care of ourselves in a better way. We care about our face and body, we may buy expensive makeup products and creams but we never been conscious of our environment. Marketing and advertising always lead us to buy some brands which are not eco-friendly and they don't especially use natural ingredients. Let's be conscious and research more about what we buy and what we use to take care of ourselves and our environment. 

Even when the plastic does start to break down in 500+ years, it’s breaking down into smaller and smaller fragments causing more and more issues to the environment, wildlife and marine life that also call this place home.

It’s only when we take a step back and look a little closer, do we realize, actually – we have a problem that goes much further than just buying and using products. Let's be aware of what we do to our environment.