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The 22-Day Revolution: The Plant-Based Program That Will Transform Your Body:


The 22-Day Revolution guides you on a successful strategy for adopting and committing to a plant-based diet in just 22 days.

Founded on the principle that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, The 22-Day Revolution is a plant-based diet designed to create lifelong habits that will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle, to lose weight, or to reverse serious health concerns. Inside, you’ll find motivating strategies, delicious recipes, and a detailed 22-day meal plan. With this program, you will lead a healthier, more energetic, and more productive life—helping you to live the life you want, not just the one you have.

Why Challenge 22?

According to their website, we need to; UNDERSTAND PLANT- BASED DIETS; 

It’s hard to ignore the compelling evidence supporting plant-based diets, or the fact that more and more people, from everyday folks to major celebrities, are making the conversion – one step at a time. Regardless of your motivations; whether it is weight loss, improved athletic ability, or simply overall health; it’s important to make an informed approach to plant-based eating to maximize your chances of success. Here at 22 Days Nutrition, we want to help, so here’s a guide to get you started.

May 21, 2017

DAY 22

22 day vegan diet reviews

Et voila.... we are done!! 22 days done... :)

I am so happy to did this plan. I feel that i have more energy and my skin is better now. I sleep better. Definitely, will use all the recipes in my daily life. I think I've learned a new lifestyle which can help me to stay healthy and enjoy delicious food. Hope I can have the courage to do more challenges and will share ith you guys. let me know your ideas and challenges you already did or you are doing now. I can follow you with your journey :)

May 20, 2017

DAY 21

22 day vegan diet reviews

The hardest day!! Honestly, I miss milk and my latte:( I really like the concept but I can't do it all the year. I am so in love with cheese and milk. Guilty pleasure!!

I had an oatmeal for breakfast, avocado salad with black beans for lunch. I ate 2 fruits in the afternoon and a berry almond milk shake. For dinner, i made walnut tacos, which is my favourite.

May 19, 2017

DAY 20

22 days vegan diet reviews


I am going to finish this 22 days........Horayyyyyy....

I took a banana and went to the gym. It feels good to do sport in the morning.For lunch, quinoa lentil with tomatoes.The weather was good and the sun came out we had a good time on a terrace and went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Delicious pasta with Italian olive oil and garlic is my favourite. Honestly, i cheated a bit and had a glass of wine :| I know ... I will try to do more sport tomorrow....

May 18, 2017

DAY 19

22 days vegan diet reviews


Friday... Waves of good feeling to start the weekend. Oatmeal for breakfast. This becomes routine for me. For lunch, had a lentil salad because I was at university with some fruits. For dinner, i had guests at home. Some veggies and salad were my main dinner. I was so tired today...

May 17, 2017

DAY 18

Today I was so motivated to continue my way. I had a shake for breakfast and ate quinoa salad for lunch.I did a good exercise for one hour and ate some fruits after.  I was invited to Pierre Marcolini's summer collection event at 7pm. All about champagne and delicious chocolate and ice creams. I ate dark chocolates because i didn't eat it during the day. For dinner, I've experienced a new Italian restaurant in Brussels. A delicious pasta with tomato sauce. HHmm so yummy.

May 16, 2017

DAY 17

Today was so hard!! All the day I was thinking about delicious chocolates with a normal latte. You know, I am a latte lover and quitting this amazing drink means a lot to me. 

I ate leftover cookies from last night with my tea for breakfast. At 11 I took my coffee with dark chocolate. For lunch, mixed a cup of quinoa with lentils and veggies. 

For dinner just salad. I started to eat a grapefruit every day. It's yummy and it help you for better digestion.

May 15, 2017

DAY 16

For breakfast, i've prepared oatmeal gluten free with cinnamon, berries and a half of banana.This is my favourite recipes to start a day!

For lunch some green veggies with lentil. In the afternoon, I made some oatmeal cookies and made some hummus and went for a picnic evening in the jungle. The weather was so good and we enjoyed our time with friends. We had quinoa salad, hummus, nuts, oatmeal cookies, fresh strawberries and dark chocolates. All healthy and super yummy:)

May 14, 2017

DAY 15

I had to study a lot today. I prepared my oatmeal with almond milk , banana and cinnamon. At 11, I had a coffee with a piece of dark chocolate. For lunch ate lentil salad with tomato and pickles. In the afternoon, after gym, I ate a grapefruit with another piece of cholate and some pumpkin seeds. These can help you feel full and burn your fat.

For dinner, I chopped colourful veggies and roasted them in the oven. Smells so good and yummy :)

May 13, 2017

DAY 14

Today, I was finished my second week and It feels good :)
It's a lazy Sunday and normally, I would like to eat a good breakfast. I used a papaya and fill it with blueberry and homemade granola and coconut. 

For lunch, I made a stew with onions, zucchini, eggplant and chickpeas. Prepared some quinoa and put the stew on that. It was so delicious. I used spices like cinnamon and safron, smells incredible. 

For dinner, we had guests at home which I made mini pizzas with the same recipes I made last week for starter and for dinner cooked a quinoa pasta with a tomato basilic sauce. OMG !!! Thanks god that I tasted it before served it. It was horrible!!

May 12, 2017

DAY 13

I woke up early and had a half of grapefruit with my healthy oatmeal cookies. I made them with a gluten-free oatmeal and ripped a  banana in it and added some almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla. Cooked it for 15 minutes and it is ready!! So yummy, you have to try it.

For lunch, I was out and I ate a potato salad with fresh vegetables and raspberry sauce. For dinner, I've ordered Lebanese foods, some mezze and watched movies. 

All you need on a healthy Saturday :)

May 11, 2017

DAY 12

Today is the 12th day! already half of it is finished. For breakfast, I wasn't starving I just had a tea with a half of grapefruit.For lunch, as always an easier choice, ready to go, lentil salad with some chopped tomatoes. In the afternoon, i had a meeting but after that, i was so starving. I ate a banana, a piece of chocolate with my coffee and went for shopping. In the supermarket, i saw chopped fresh mangos which is my favourite. I took one but didn't finish it. For dinner just ha a salad with some avocados.

I know, sometimes, i couldn't do the exact things as book says, but i stay in healthy, vegetarian eating style. I used to drink lots of milk and since i started this diet and i had to change it to almond milk i feel better. Normally, we i drink milk i feel glut and inflate. Maybe, i am sensitive to milk. We will see what will happen after these 22 days :)

May 10, 2017

DAY 11

I feel so bad:( Why did I do that last night :( I told myself no problem, everyone makes mistakes but you can continue ... I made fresh gluten free bread for breakfast and chopped some banana and Agave and a touch of cinnamon. I was so full till lunch then prepared some beans with the vegetable like yesterday. 

I went to the gym and did one hour of cardio and some exercises and came home had an almond milk latte with some nuts and my dark chocolates. For dinner, I ate some salad. Hope to recover yesterday :|


May 09, 2017

DAY 10

Today, i had so much energy and i made my homemade acai bowl with fresh fruits and my homemade granola. Hmmm, yummy. I added red fruits to the mixer with some almond milk and voila , it's ready :) 

For lunch some black beans with kale and tomato and onions. At 3pm, i was ready to go to the gym, came out and saw the weather was so good and warm. The sun was shining and i turned and came back to sit on a terrasse .it felt so good after 10 days of dieting...

I was out for dinner and i couldn't do my diet correctly:( I know, i am so upset about that.

Anyway, hope tomorrow can do more sport to balance it.


See you tomorrow !

May 08, 2017


I was so hungry today and i made homemade granola but i didn't know how should i eat it. So, I mixed gluten free oat with some nuts and added cinnamon and some sAgave on it and cooked it in the oven for about 20 minutes. It was pretty crispy and tasty. I was eating it with a banana. For lunch, i had some lentils with avocado and tomato. My yummy lunch. For dinner, I ate some salad and made a veggie burger which was delicious, I mixed chickpeas, garlic,quinoa and some spinach and then made them like a burger and cooked them for a few second. Honestly, this was so good. You can make it with some bread and it is just like a burger!!!

If you try the recipes send me your pictures :)

May 07, 2017


Week 2 starts... It feels good. You feel that you've done something important for your body. For Breakfast I had a green juice with pear and apple. I added my spinach which still I had in my fridge. 

Between breakfast and lunch i ate some nuts with my dark coffee. The most important thing for me in this plan is stop drinking milk, specially cafe latte which I am addicted to it. 

For lunch, I had lentil salad and took 2 piece of dark chocolate after gym with an apple. For dinner just salad with some fresh olives. Italian ones which I really like...

May 06, 2017


If I want to be honest I have to confess that it is hard to shopping and cooking all the time. Specially, when it is Sunday and you don't have anything at all at home. We didn't had toast for breakfast and just ate a banana and some nuts. For lunch mix a half cup of lentils with half cup of chickpeas instead of chickpeas sandwich and mixed it with spinach which I had from last week juice and some chopped tomatoes.It was delicious and fulfilling. 

For dinner, because of the bread I ate at Paris I preferred to eat salad only with some avocados and pomegranate sauce. My favorite sauce recipe. I think the most important thing is to be vegan and have different ideas about how to cook and what to eat. If you don't have time to prepare each meal no worries. It is important to do the concept and then adapt your situation to the plan.

Tomorrow is the start of the second week. I am really happy to did it :) Let me know about your experience :)

See you tomorrow !

May 05, 2017


The day 6th!!  I had to go to Paris for the Ritz cooking class. I decided to stay healthy during my visit. For breakfast , I took some nuts with a coffee and a banana. For lunch, I was already in Paris and I went to pain quotidian , because it was the only place that I like and it is really healthy. For lunch, I've ordered avocado toast with a mint tea. Simple but delicious. Around afternoon, with all the good smells that I've experienced during the cooking class, I was so starving.

One cup of dark coffee with some dark chocolate made it easier. For dinner just had a quinoa salad and came back to Brussels. The hardest part was , being in Paris and don't eat Entrecôte !!! That was difficult. 

I am dreaming about being fit for summer and come back!

  A Bientôt Paris 

May 04, 2017


Now, we are on the 5th day :) . I am happy to be here. For breakfast , it was quinoa which I didn't like the idea of eating quinoa in the morning and I took oat meal instead. Added some cinnamon as always with a banana. I am in love with this breakfast. It is delicious and makes you full till noon. 

I was at university until afternoon and I had two important presentation which was really boring. In the middle I took a cup of black coffee with my 85% chocolate. For lunch I've prepared sushi. Honestly, I've never thought that I can make sushi by myself. It was one of the hardest thing to do in the world.

I prepared some rice and cut some vegetables with mint and avocados. Put the Nori and then fill it with rice and the vegetables. Sushi ginger and some wasabi...Hmmm it was so good. You have to try it at home :D

For snack , I took some fresh fruits and tea and for dinner I've ate the left over of sushi. I didn't have time to make dinner. I really feel good with this diet. Tomorrow I have go to the Paris for a cooking class at Hotel Ritz. I can't cook:(

But I will try to eat healthy... I am going to let you know about that.

See you tomorrow :).

May 03, 2017


Today, I had the same breakfast as yesterday. Chia pudding :)

I went to university and i love so starving. The only thing i thought it could be to eat was strawberries and a black coffee. For lunch i had pizza. I prepared the crust easily step by step from the book. 3/4 cup of complete flour and a half cup of tapioca flour with water and salt and a bit of olive oil. Then, I've prepared vegetarian mozzarella with cashews and water and then cook it for few minutes. It was so good you couldn't even imagine that. I was so disappointed when iFor dinner, it was just zucchini noodle with carrot and some sauce with tahini. By the way, in
making it. However, was amazingly good for being diet :)between,I've eaten two spoons of hummus with vegetables and ye piece of dark chocolate. 

Now, I am drinking my green tea and preparing myself for tomorrow :)  I hope I can finish this 22 days perfectly. 


See you tomorrow guys :) 











May 02, 2017


Hello everyone, Today was the 3rd day. I think i get used to this diet easily. I had chia seeds pudding with some fresh berries and cinnamon. I put half a cup of chia seeds in 2 cups of almond milk over the night and in the morning the pudding was ready!

For lunch, I had lentil soup with tomato and some avocados. Yummy and fresh. All you need a can of lentil with some chopped tomatoes after 10 minutes you have your soup. 

In the afternoon, was so difficult. I had guests for dinner and i had to prepare delicious dinner and dessert for them and I couldn't eat any of them. I've prepared the roasted cauliflower with lemon and garlic and some green salad. 

When you have guests is so difficult to take care of the diet. 

Anyway, I have a plan and I need to stick to it for summer :)


Have a good night :)


May 01, 2017


Hello everyone, I am here to talk about my second day vegan diet. Surprisingly, it was not hard at all. I had a green smoothie in the morning with kale, spinach, banana, dates and apple. I put everything in a mixer and ready to drink!

At 12 o'clock I was so starving and I couldn't't  wait anymore. I prepared a sweet potato and put in in oven for about 20 minutes with olive oil and salt and pepper. Cooked black bean in a pot with water and garlic which took me about 2 hours to cook ( In the book said only takes 45 minuets ). It was really delicious and fulfilling. Around 4 pm I had two pieces of 85% dark chocolate with a black coffee and went to university. 

I don't know classes can make me hungry or the diet . Anyway I ate about a packet of fresh strawberries during my next class. (I think it was around 300 gr, I know it is  a lot).

For dinner, I had artichoke salad with some avocados and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I am fine and not starving for the moment. However, the night is long...

Have a good night :).

April 30, 2017


Today, I just started this 22 days revolution challenge. As you know 1st of  May is a national holiday which makes this start difficult. However, I told myself that I can do that and start reading the first chapter of the book. It is really revolutionary and I have to share this experience on Likeittotaste.

It explains you how can you change your habits and restart your life in a way that you want, more energetic, lose weight and being healthy. 

And now I need to start, it's time for breakfast! I made an oatmeal with almonds milk, banana and some red berries which were frozen ( It costs you less and you don't need to go to shopping everyday for fresh fruits).

I added some cinnamon to my oat meal ( the book didn't mention that but I think cinnamon makes it delicious and can boost my metabolism).


For lunch, I didn't have anything healthy at home. So, I went to Bio shop to buy some fresh vegetables and the things that I needed for recipes. You have the shopping list for each week, you shouldn't be worry about that. I made quinoa and lentils with a large carrot, some spinach ,tomato and cucumber to give some salad taste to my dish. It was delicious and fulfilling. Easy to make and it just took me 15 minutes to prepare it ( By the way, I used lentils can ).


In  the afternoon, I took a nap and honestly, maybe that makes it easier for the first day because when I woke up I was starving. I took 2 pieces of 85% dark chocolate with an apple and went to the gym to start my first day of exercise .

I shouldn't say that but it was hard! very hard actually...

After 25 minuets of exercises and 20 minuets of cardio I was dead. I came home and prepare the dinner. I had walnut tacos with the lettuce leaves. The picture of the book was pretty nice but I wasn't sure it could be delicious or enough for me. Anyway, I washed lettuce leaves  and prepare the walnuts with some spices like cumin and garlic, chopped some avocado and persil to garnish it. Added some olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the taste. It was not delicious but it was tasty enough to eat as a salad. 


Now, It's five minuets after 9 pm and I don't feel hungry which is a good sign :) . I hope tomorrow will be easy also and I have adapt myself as fast as I can. See you tomorrow and have a nice evening guys :) .





April 29, 2017


You know what is the difficulties of being a food blogger? Yes! you get fat!!!!

How can you tolerate and not eat all these delicious foods all around the city? Amazing chefs with extraordinary recipes. Believe me, it is really difficult. Then, there is a time of the year that you need to stop working as a food blogger for restaurant reviews and start being a healthy food blogger for your body, which means I decided to have a healthy lifestyle during next 22 days... I need to be in shape for summer.

Maybe you are curious to know more about what kind of a lifestyle I am going to have during these 22 days, If yes, follow up my daily post about this experience. I've just heard of Marco Borges who wrote a book about 22Days Nutrition and I've ordered it online to start this journey. Now, I have the book and I can't wait to start in on Likeittotaste.

This revolution Cookbook will teach you what to eat and how to eat to restart your body and of curse loose weight. It is planted base, real food diet which can detox your body from all the process, sugary foods. 

Maybe you ask yourself why 22 Days? According to this book, psychologists have discovered that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. This principal is helping people live a healthier, more energetic and productive life and created the 22Days Challenge. 

For the sport activity, I've chosen the BodyBoss method which is for 12 weeks. You will do exercises 3 times a week for 20 minutes and 2 times a week just do a light cardio activity to move up your body.

Last but not least , I am going to start from tomorrow with you guys. I will post my diary and food recipes on my blog for you.

I hope it can challenge you to restart your body before starting a enjoyable summer. See you tomorrow :) 

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22 day vegan diet shopping list  22 day vegan diet
22 day vegan diet shopping list  22 day vegan diet